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22 May 2023

Powered by the pulsating heart of the zkSync Era, 888 AI-enhanced marauders plunder the cryptographic seas, challenging the corporate order in this world where survival hinges on technology and freedom is a hard-fought prize.

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official lore

In a not-too-distant future, two major developments redefine society. Advanced artificial intelligence leads to the creation of human-inspired robots, known as “Synths,” that become integral parts of human life. Simultaneously, a groundbreaking Genome Re-sequencing Project leads to the creation of super-evolved humanoid apes, known as “Supersapiens”, beings with above human intelligence and superior physical attributes. This fascinating world of technological and biological advancement is abruptly disrupted by a devastating global pandemic that mutates the infected into living undead, or “Revenants,” who exist in a state between life and death.

With the collapse of traditional governments, Synths and Supersapiens, both unaffected by the virus, step up to maintain order. Powerful corporations leverage these beings to form fortified city-states where the wealthy live in relative comfort. Outside these city-states, the remaining humans, Revenants, and independent Supersapiens face a harsh reality where resources are scarce.

In response to these challenging circumstances, a new age of piracy emerges, both on the high seas and in cyberspace. Bands of Human, Revenant, Synth, and Supersapien pirates navigate these turbulent waters, launching raids on corporate supply chains and data banks. In this world, survival, advanced technology, and the struggle for freedom intertwine, and these diverse pirate crews become symbols of resistance against the corporate city-states.

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