Powered by the pulsating heart of the zkSync Era, 888 AI-enhanced marauders plunder the cryptographic seas, challenging the corporate order in this world where survival hinges on technology and freedom is a hard-fought prize.



In this dystopian future, humans are a species struggling to survive amidst the collapse of traditional governments, the rise of corporate city-states, and the onslaught of a relentless pandemic. Despite their precarious existence, the enduring human spirit drives them to adapt, resist, and persevere. They form alliances with Synths, Supersapiens, and even Revenants, uniting in their shared struggle for freedom and survival.



Transformed by a devastating global pandemic, the Revenants are the living undead, dwelling in an uncanny limbo between life and death. Despite their physical decay, these beings preserve their full cognitive faculties, their minds as sharp and capable as they were in their past human lives. They embody a haunting testament to the world’s vulnerability, while their continued intellectual prowess underscores the resilience of the human spirit and the undying struggle for survival.



Born from the apex of human innovation, the Synths are advanced artificial entities that often, but not exclusively, adopt humanoid forms. Equipped with intricate neural networks, they possess the capacity to learn, adapt, and assimilate seamlessly into diverse societal structures. Unhindered by biological frailties, these beings stand as robust pillars amidst a world in turmoil. With their variety of forms and advanced intelligence, they are pivotal in upholding order and propelling technological progress.



The result of a groundbreaking Genome Re-sequencing Project, the Supersapiens are a new breed of humanoid apes. Gifted with above human intelligence and physical prowess far surpassing their human counterparts, they represent a new pinnacle of biological evolution. Resistant to the global pandemic that has ravaged humanity, these beings find themselves caught between their primal instincts and their newly acquired intellect, carving out their place in this transformed world.