zkPirates are an NFT collection on the zkSync Era blockchain.

The mint price is expected to be 0.00888 ETH.

All zkPirates reveal immediately after they are minted.

Every zkPirate is a unique 1 of 1. However there are several factions within the collection and some are more rare than others. Details below:

  • Humans: 604 (~68% of Collection)
  • Revenants: 188 (~21% of Collection)
  • Synths (~10% of Collection)
  • Supersapiens (~1% of collection)

The creator earns 8.88% on resale of NFTs. Survival is everything in this brave new world.

The current owner of the NFT owns the commercial rights to their NFT. We reseve the right to display your NFT royalty free to promote the zkPirates collection.